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Our Work

LASCO Maths Challenge


Primary 6 are working in groups to solve the LASCO Maths Challenge. It’s wonderful to see such keen and eager children developing and using their mathematical skills.


Well done boys and girls!

Procedural writing

Procedural writing


Primary 4 really enjoyed Chef Burns visiting our class. The children had to make sure that they generated the correct, clear instructions, to the chef, in order for him to make a scrumptious strawberry milkshake. We all agreed that it was delicious!


Well done boys and girls.
















BY Jerrin Jimmy


There were 324 first class passengers aboard Titanic.

There were 285 second class passengers aboard Titanic.

There were 719 third class passengers aboard Titanic.

This table shows this information as percentages.


FIRST (24%) 24

SECOND (21%) 21

THIRD (54%) 54




































There were no first or second class passengers as labourers, because they had no money. All the passengers that were labourers were third class because they were to poor to afford 1st class ticket.

530 passengers have no information about them.

I chose to research Mr Walter Harris.

He was 30 years. He came from 47 Granville Road, Walthamstow in England. He boarded the Titanic at Southampton.

First class passengers had more chance of survival because they got first choice to go on the lifeboats.

Yes, women had more chance of survival because women got into a lifeboat first. There were not enough lifeboats to save everyone.


Captain Edward John Smith was 62, was born in Hinckley, stroke-on-Trent on the 27th of January 1850.The son of Potter. Edward Smith and Catherine Smith. His parents later owned a shop.

Edward John Smith was in the Etruria British School until the age of 13 he went to Liverpool searching for a career. On the night when the titanic was sinking the captain said” every women and children first and every man for himself.

C.H Lightoller

Was an officer on board. Born on 30th March 1874 8th December1952 was the (second mate officer) on board Rms Titanic, and the Most senior officer to survive the sad disaster.


Thomas Andrews

Were an Irish businessman and shipbuilder, managing director and head of drafting department for the ship building company Harland and Wolff in Belfast. Thomas Andrew sank with the Titanic, his body was not recovered.


A trip to the moon

A trip to the moon.

By Holly McCullough.

Primary 3

Last night just after 9 I decided to go to the moon. I looked out the window and I noticed a full moon. Then I went down the stairs and then I went to find a rocket, space boots and a helmet. I packed some food and I packed Baby Bear and owl too. Then we took off up, up the chimney. I saw a shooting star it was super. I saw a plane I waved at the passengers and they waved back. Then I landed on the moon. We had a picnic. I had some sandwiches and a bun and a bit of cake. Then we went to explore. We meet an alien. We played and then I had to say bye. I hopped back into the rocket and blasted off home. At last I went to bed.

A trip to the moon.

A trip to the moon.

By Leo Madine.

Primary 3


I was playing Minecraft with my friends Conor and Cormac. At 3 o’clock I convinced them it would be a good idea to go to the moon. They thought it would be impossible to get there. We found a rocket below my bed. It was pretty big we had four seats in case anyone wanted to go with us. It blasted out the roof and the rocket left a big hole. It took a couple of days but we finally got there. We made friends with an alien. He had bags of diamonds. We took three bags each. Then we took off and dropped out of the sky again landing at my house. I woke up in the morning and guess what? I had to fix the roof.