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Our Work

Christmas fun in Primary 4!

Primary 4 made beautiful Christmas decorations to take home. They made decorations for their trees and melted snowmen biscuits. Yummy!









































The Great Battle by Orla



One glorious spring morning, Theseus woke up and heard the pleasant, soothing song of the sparrow to greet him. But the sun wasn’t coming through his window, as it usually did, his blurred blue eyes could see a strange silhouette. As he became more alert he could see a grey haired man dressed in a long red cloak with a fur collar he seemed to have a worried look on his face. Theseus was confused. Then he heard a deep but soft voice. It was King Aegeous his father, the king of Athens.

                      “Theseus five children have been kidnapped by a new unknown brutal, monster. It’s deadly!” King Aegeous warned fearfully. The brave Theseus became fully awake at the dreadful news. “I must help them!” Theseus announced. “But how?” questioned King Aegeous.” I don’t know yet but I will,” Theseus replied determined.

                  With that he marched out the door and out of the enormous marble palace into the city of Athens, were there was a lot of marketing going on. He questioned some people if they had seen the children but no one did. He caught the row boat to Create and it docked at the bank of the river. He asked more people if they had seen the children, again, no one did. He was walking down a dusty track lined with stalls. He came to a beautiful young girl. She had dark hair and big blue eyes she said her name was Ansena. She was selling apples. Theseus asked her if she had seen the children. She hadn’t but she pulled a sword out from under her claret cloak and said it was enchanted. “ Here  take this,”  she  whispered. “For what?” replied Theseus “For killing the monster it’s called Jelzilla,” murmured Ansena. Theseus walked off lost in the glory of the beautiful golden sword.                                                                          

              He heard a loud continuous scream by the river side. He shot off like a bullet as he ran he secured the sword in his holster. He found distressed women he saw what she was screaming at. A huge pink, jelly like, creature come out of the choppy water at the other side of the river. Theseus watched intently. He knew he had to save the disturbed people. Theseus threw himself into the water.

                            He battled the strong current, each stroke became more restricted. He felt anxious to get across. His muscles were tiring. Finally he felt a feeling of relief. He had reached the edge and hauled himself up.

                 He ripped the magical sword out of his holstler.He knew he was being ambushed by Jelzilla. But were It is was a mystery.

                 Suddenly it jumped out Theseus and Jelzilla were face to face. But not for long. Theseus stabbed it but Jelzillas electric legs sent a shock up through the sword. Theseus could hear his heart beating. This time Theseus cut off Jelzillas legs. The monster fell to the ground. But the battle wasn’t over yet. Jelzilla bit Theseus on the leg. Theseus experienced extreme agony. He lifted his sword in his right hand and pierced the monster. Finally it was dead.

                 Now Theseus had the hunt for the children. He looked on the river bank, he found tracks. They led him up a steep, grassy hill. The children were hiding behind the hill. They were starving. He introduced himself. They were all petrified. Their faces where as white as snow. Theseus took their hands and said, “Its okay now you are safe with me,” in a comforting way. The children looked up at a handsome, blonde haired, blue eyed young fellow. Dressed in a blue cloak lined with gold. He was coming over the huge mountain when he met Ansena admiring the shimmering lake and the lush grass around it. “ Do you know where these children live?” Theseus asked shyly. “ Oh yes keep walking straight for about 500 yards. Then turn left and you will come to a small cottage,” she replied cheerfully. Theseus followed the directions and came to what looked like a burnt down house. Then very strangely one of the children asked what we are looking at. Theseus discovered she was blind. The wood on the house was burnt to crisp and the parents were dead.

                           Ansena came running down the stony hill and saw the house. She was astonished. She couldn’t speak, “What will we do with the children now?” asked Theseus. Ansena decided she could not hide her feelings any longer. She told him she loved him and said they should keep them. So they kept the children and they lived in King Aegeous’ castle forever.

Anna's Report



This is a raven.                                      

It is a purple-black colour.

It looks a bit like a crow.





It eats insects, bugs and fruit.

It has a varied diet.



Where does it live?


It lives in a tree that is tall so that if there is danger the animals or thing can’t get it or see it.


What can it do?


 It can fly high and it can do loop to loops and fly upside down .It tries to scare away things that would try to eat it or hurt it .If this doesn’t work it will fly back to its nest and stay there for a while. Later it will come out and look for food. Then it will fly back to its nest and feed its young chicks. 




By Anna Rice-Rea

Emma's Legend

Theseus The Brave

One eerie, dark night, the beastly and murderous Bashaboom crept stealthily around the beautiful city of Athens, ruled by the joyful King Aegean. The stars were twinkling overhead and the beaming moon. As it was a chilling December night, there were piles of snow all around, which went, “ CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH,’’ every time you stood on them. Bashaboom was on his next mission, which was to capture five lively children from a very happy home. It was very easy for a monster to steal children because he would simply open up their bedroom window, wake them up and then put a hypnotising spell on them so he could control them. This is exactly what Bashaboom did. After this, he commanded them to crawl into a massive brown sack and not to make a single sound until they were in a totally different place.

  The next morning, a glorious sunny morning, with glittering sunbeams shining in through his bedroom window, Theseus was sitting on his bed writing a letter to his beloved Ariadne, when his father burst though the door with a sick look on his face. He was as white as a sheet and had drops of sweat trickling down the side of his head.

‘My dear son,’ he said with a slight shake in his voice, ‘there is a new monster on the loose and it is even more terrifying than the Minotaur. It has stolen five little pleasant children from on of the nearby houses.’

‘Don’t fret father,’ Theseus said bravely, ‘I will defeat this blood chilling monster and rescue the children safely and bring them back to their parents, who must be terrified at this very moment.’

‘I don’t know how much I could thank you son,’ King Agean said, his voice not as shaky now.

Suddenly, a beautiful lady appeared above Theseus’ head. She wore a white and blue dress, no shoes, and a blue veil. She wore a gold bracelet around her left ankle, white earrings and a blue necklace. She had hair as black as the night and eyes as brown as a tree trunk. It was Artemis the Godess of the moon. She was here to give Theseus some magical powers that only she could control. Theseus didn’t have a clue who she was, so he asked her

‘Excuse me, who are you and why are you here?’

‘I am Artemis the Goddess of the moon, and I am here to tell you that I am going to give you some magical powers and weapons for when you are fighting that ghastly monster,’ she replied softly.

‘Well can you show me these weapons now so I can save these children as fast as I can?’ he answered

‘OK,’ Artemis said, ‘there is a golden sword that no monster could ever defeat There is also a silver necklace that reverses the hypnotising spell that the monster put on the children and finally a suit of shining armour that gives the monster an electric shock if they touch it.’

‘That will do just fine,’ Theseus remarked, ‘I defeated the Minotaur with only a sword and a ball of string so this is more than enough to do me,’

   Within a few hours, Theseus had set off to find the rotten cave that this gross monster lives in. It was right on the edge of a dangerously high cliff. If you fell down it, you would be dead in seconds. Theseus felt shattered from walking up the steep mountain and thought he could do no more when all of a sudden, he heard the shouts and screams of young children. He heard the loud monster commanding them to be quiet. He bravely entered the disgusting cave which reeked of monster droppings. No wonder the poor children were screaming their heads off.

He eventually found the monster and wanted to start to fight. Theseus  was still really tired from having to climb the mountain, but wanted to defeat Bashaboom.

‘You are here now!’ the monster bellowed, ‘And I am ready to fight you!’

‘Same here!’ Theseus roared almost as loud as the monster. He felt like a valve had burst inside him and a gush of energy was being released. He knew that this was the work of Artemis.

The fight lasted for ages and ages but finally, Theseus swiped the golden sword off the cave floor and sleighed the monster right in the heart, and it fell to the ground…….DEAD. Theseus knew that all he had to do now was to find the children, reverse the spell that the monster had put on them and safely take them back to Athens to rejoice with their parents.

  After round about half an hour or so, Theseus found the children in a damp and very cramped crate, but there was no key for it. He had to act fast and find it.

   Theseus had been looking for over three hours and thought that there was only one place left to look, inside of the monster. He had set his sword on top of the crate that the children were in, so he sprinted over, grabbed it and then rushed back toward the monster. He sliced the monsters belly right open a shoved his hand deep down into it. Theseus wriggled his hand around inside and then there it was. The golden key he had been searching for. He lifted it out, wiped his hands on his tunic and ran over to the crate and dropped onto his knees. He found the lock, inserted the key and there, the five beautiful children were free.

  They jumped for joy when they came out. Theseus wanted to get them back to Athens as soon as possible. He lifted the youngest 3 children up and made the older 2 walk back. Lillie, the oldest girl which was just 8 years old, was so happy, that she skipped over to the edge of the cliff and looked down and said to herself,

‘I am so glad that that kind man that saved my bothers and sisters and I didn’t fight that awful monster on the edge of this cliff!’

When she turned to go back to Theseus, her foot slipped and she fell down the cliff. She grabbed one of the rocks just in time before she dropped down even more.

‘HELP ME! HELP, HELP, HELP!!’ she screamed, ‘I have fallen off the cliff edge and I am going to fall even more!’

‘I’m coming for you now!’ Theseus yelled.

 He dropped the other 3 children that he was holding and ran to the cliff edge. He grabbed Lillie’s arm and pulled her up and warned her to never ever wander off again.

The journey back to Athens was very short because all of the children ran ahead of Theseus and he had to run after them to make sure that they were OK. When they arrived back at Athens, King Aegean was so delighted to see that his brave son was perfect in every way. He was even more delighted that he had brought back the 5 missing children.

‘I am so proud of you my dear son,’ King Aegean said, ‘You will soon be rewarded with a massive prize.’

‘I am just glad that the children are safe and everything is back to normal again,’ Theseus said greatly.

‘We are safe for now,’ the King replied.


                                               THE END

By Emma Rudd

Robert's Legend

The Killing of Gargonzola

On the first chilling, Friday morning of December in the glorious city of Athens, when all was silent and still the merciless, malicious Gorgonzola stole stealthily through the rotted door of the unlucky victims house. He quickly grabbed his five victims and dropped them hurriedly into his large, deep sack. After this he dashed anxiously back to his mysterious cavern on top of Mount Olympus. The last thing he heard that night were the shrill screams of the children’s forlorn parents who had lost all five of their precious children.

The glorious sunny afternoon after that dreadful morning, Theseus sat praying to the gods when he was suddenly interrupted by King Aegean.

“Son, I have most worrying news, the ferocious Gorgonzola has kidnapped five children and is holding them prisoner on top of Mount Olympus,”

“I must go and slay this beast of burden” answered the slim, quick teenager.

“If you go you must take me with you,” pleaded Aegean forlornly.

“Ok, Father”

      So they packed up for the long and perilous journey to Mount Olympus. Two days later they arrived at Mount Olympus only to find themselves surrounded by thralls. The were lead to a cavern at the very top of the colossal mountain. The thralls tied them with a chafed, old rope. Shortly after they left them alone, Theseus tugged at the rope and eventually broke it, he then cut Aegean free and they pursued the ravenous Gorgonzola .They were suddenly attacked by a thrall, Theseus punched him fiercely. Shortly after they found the Gorgonzola, Theseus grabbed the monster and stabbed it in the ribs and with a berserk burst of power he threw it off Mount Olympus. AAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH SPLAT!!

         Shortly after Theseus and Aegean found the children and they ventured home. Very soon afterwards Theseus was visited in a dream by the god Zeus who granted him immortality and the ability to overcome enemies one thousand times bigger than himself, and they say he still lives to this day sitting in his tower in Athens or with Zeus in his palace high in the sky.




  By Robert Poland