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Our Work

Constructing rockets

Primary 5 have been learning about the Solar System. As part of the technology challenge, they had to design and construct a rocket. They had lots of fun.

Primary 5 Water Cycle

Primary 5 learnt a lot of important information about water through their topic. Eoin created a wonderful and detailed picture outlining  the water cycle. He used using RM Colour Magic. Fantastic work Eoin. Well done. 


Primary 5 have been sharing their memories with others in their class. They were able to use Microsoft Word to record these memories, changing the font, size and colour of the text.

Beautiful word processing. Such lovely memories to cherish boys and girls. Well done Primary 5. Keep up the great work!


My Memories

When I was four I was getting something in my cupboard and it

fell on me.


When I was seven I fell down the stairs and fell on my face.






My Memories


I remember the first time I had my first birthday party; I had a bouncy castle and a huge chocolate cake.


I remember the time when I went to Scotland Zoo and fed the monkeys.


I remember the time I won 1st place in the All Irelands. I felt really happy and excited.



By Sophie

Tobar Mhuire

Primary 7 had a wonderful day on Tuesday 4th March 2014 at Tobar Mhuire, Crossgar.

Fairy bread

Primary 4 are really enjoying the variety of procedural writing activities. Today they made beautiful fairy bread!