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Magheradroll Nursery News

December Rainbow News 2013

Christmas Edition

December 2013

Dear Parents,

The children enjoyed the ‘Day and Night’ theme in November .They enjoyed getting dressed for bed and lying down under the warm blankets. We used torches when the lights were switched off and read bedtime stories.We made toast and drank hot chocolate.The children came to the Nursery in their pyjamas and raised £102.27 for those who have nowhere to sleep. Well done!

Here are some of the things your child will be involved in during the month of

The Theme of the month is Christmas.


The story of the month is ‘The First Christmas’ 

The colour of the month is Green.


The shapes of the month are stars.    

The rhyme of the month is  ‘Little Jack Horner’.       


The house corner has a cosy fire and stockings hung up ready for Santa. You can warm your hands in front of the fire and listen to some Christmas carols on the CD. We decorated the tree and turned on the lights.The tree sparkles in the dark!

At circle time we are focusing on the virtue of Generosity

as part of our Emotional Intelligence programme.

Talk to your child about how to share and help others who are in need. Talk about how we give and receive presents at Christmas time. Think of all the ways we can be generous and share our time with the elderly and the lonely. 









We are focusing on our next rule-

We share, tidy and look after our toys.

We are learning how to share with others and wait for our turn.

We know where to put the toys at tidy time now and we are trying very hard to look after them all and handle them with care.      


The shop has been turned into a Christmas  Gift shop. You can choose a large or small gift for someone special at Christmas. You can wrap your own present and put it under the tree. We are writing letters to Santa and posting Christmas cards in our special Christmas Post Box.


The Santa visit  to Downpatrick for the Morning  group  is on Wednesday  11th December  from 9am-11.30am.

The Santa visit for the Afternoon  group is on Thursday 12th December  from 12.30pm-3.00pm.*Meeting point is at the front of the Primary school*.





The total for our 'Sensory Equipment ' fund has now reached £558.A BIG thank you to all of you who made a contribution. Your generosity is boundless. We will purchase equipment in the New Year and tell you all about it in our January newsletter.


Open Day for new Nursery intake for 2013/2014 was on Thursday 5th December from 2.00pm -3.00pm. Admission forms available at the secretary's office.

Closing date is 10th January 2014 at noon.



We are having our first  visit to the library.

The morning  group will visit on Monday 9th December at 10.50am.

The afternoon  group will visit on Tuesday10th December at 2.15pm.

*Please ensure that your child wears a coat/hat every day as the weather is getting colder.* 


Open day for the new Primary 1 intake in St. Patrick’s is on Thursday 12th December from 2.00pm-3.00pm



Dont forget to return your book bag and change your book every Friday.




         Pyjama day Friday 22nd November 2013






Happy December birthday to Chloe, Dawid and Ryan.        



There will be a Christmas Party for both groups on Friday 20th December.

*The children may come wearing their ordinary clothes on that day.*



Christmas Holidays

-the unit closes on Monday  23rd  December at 11.00am.

Nursery re-opens on Tuesday 7th January 2014.


Songs and Rhymes for December.

(Some old and some new songs to sing along with your child)

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat.

Please put a penny in the old man’s hat.

If you haven’t got a penny, a halfpenny will do.

If you haven’t got a halfpenny –then God Bless you!


Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh;

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,

Hooray for dear old Santa Claus, hooray for Christmas day!


Away in a manger, no crib for a bed.

The little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head.

The stars in the bright sky looked down where he lay;

The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay.


Little Jack Horner,

sat in a corner, eating his Christmas pie.

He put in his thumb and pulled out a plum and said-

What a good boy am I!





Santa Claus----an action rhyme

I’ve seen a Santa jolly and fat. (hold arms out in front of tummy)

He strokes his beard this way and that. (pretend to stroke beard)

He puts his pack into his sleigh (pretend to put packages into sleigh)

Then off he goes—up, up and away. (swing arms upwards)

Christmas pudding, Christmas pudding, (tune of Frere Jacques)

Piping hot, Piping hot,

Let’s put on some ice-cream,

Eat the lot, eat the lot.


Merry Christmas (tune of Farmer wants a wife)

1.Christmas time is here, Christmas time is here,

Merry Christmas everyone, Christmas time is here,

2.It’s time to trim the tree, It’s time to trim the tree,

Merry Christmas everyone, it’s time to trim the tree.

3.It’s time to wrap the gifts, It’s time to wrap the gifts,

Merry Christmas everyone, It’s time to wrap the gifts,

3.Santa will soon be here, Santa will soon be here,

Merry Christmas everyone, Santa will soon be here.



Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for all your support in 2013.

Wishing you and your families a very Happy New Year!

From Mrs O’Hare and Mrs Connolly.


November rainbow News


November 2013


Dear Parents,                

                       The children enjoyed the Autumn theme in October and created lots of pictures. They had fun singing the songs about the farm. They made scary spiders and fat round pumpkins to take home. Everyone looked amazing in their Halloween outfits at the sharing party. The chocolate apples on sticks the children made were enjoyed by all.

Here are some of the things your child will be involved in during the month of November.

                                                                                                                 fun-time-shape-day-night-rug The Theme of the month is Day and Night.    

WB150S202 zoom

The story of the month is ‘Can’t you sleep Little Bear? 



WeeWillieWinkie 0758 spr1The rhyme of the month is ‘Wee Willie Winkie.’


The house corner has a night time theme where the children are invited to get ready for bed complete with slippers, dressing gowns, teddies, bedtime stories, pillows and bedding.

bed ClipArt


At circle time we are focusing on the theme of Forgiveness’ as part of our Emotional Intelligence programme.


We are focusing on our next rule-

We use kind hands, kind feet and kind words.

Kind Words


Talk to your child about how to be a good friend and what to do if someone hurts you. Talk about how we use our hands to help and not to hurt others. We use kind words like ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’. Talk about why it is important to say sorry.


The shop has been transformed into a cafe and the children are encouraged to role play as a customer, waiter, waitress, chef and cook.

apron clip art




4e409091fee9765f31809f807a0abf6bThe children were involved in their first FUNDRAISER on the 23rdOctober. They ran, rode and enjoyed the ‘Bean’ game. They completed their TRIATHALON to raise funds for our ‘Sensory Equipment’. We are overwhelmed by your generosity and the funds are still coming in. We will keep you informed of our progress and purchases.


September Rainbow News

 September Rainbow News 2013

newsletter clip art 1

Welcome to the first edition of Rainbow News.

This newsletter will keep you informed about everything that is happening in the Nursery Unit and tell you about all the ways you can get involved in your child’s early education.


Here are some of the things your child will be involved in during the month of September.


The Theme of the month is ‘All about Me’    

We are finding out about what we look like and all the things we can do. We will talk about our favourite things and our family. We will talk about how we are feeling and looking after ourselves.


 The story of the month is Maisy goes to Nursery’.      17187





The school opening times are-

Morning session-8.55am—11.30am (Mon – Thurs)

Afternoon session-12.25pm-3.00pm (Mon- Thurs) Friday 12noon-2.10pm


A bag with a change of clothes for emergencies should be kept on a hanger in the cloakroom area.


Your child will be participating in an ‘Emotional Intelligence’ programme. They will be participating in a weekly circle time.The activities will support your child in gaining confidence and having a voice.


                                        The theme for the month of September is Friendshipsophie and Anna










The Unit promotes Positive Behaviour where pupils feel confident and self assured. The children learn about acceptable behaviour and they are rewarded for their efforts. The children will be introduced to the ‘Cookies in the Jar’ to reinforce good behaviour and have a ‘treat’ every Friday.   cookies in a jar








CD 6068The first rule to be introduced is Good Listening’. We get our eyes and ears ready and look at the person who is talking.Talk to your child about waiting until the other person has finished speaking without interrupting.Praise them for being a good listener at every opportunity and thank them for waiting their turn to speak.








There is a PARENTS NOTICE BOARD outside on the wall of the unit. Take time to have a browse and keep up to date with all recent events.

For more information go to our website - go to the Magheradroll Nursery Unit link.




Snack time is a sociable event in the Nursery. Children sit down with their friends. They are supervised to follow a routine of hygiene, eating, drinking and table manners. Fruit and vegetables are available daily. We also use snack sessions to introduce new foods, foods from other countries and foods that are made and cooked by the children.

Snack money is collected every Monday @£2.50. You can pay weekly or monthly.



There is a buzzer system for entering and exiting the unit.keep door closed

Remember!Please ensure when exiting from the Unit after dropping off your child that the outside door is closed tight behind you to keep everyone safe.




Happy birthday

Happy 4th birthday to Eimear,Mia,Anna and Aaron and belated birthday wishes to Demi,

Cameron, Dara, Rhys, birthday cakeLilly, Matthew, Curtis, Rebecca, Oisin, Sam, Sasha, Oliver and Andrew whose birthdays were over the summer break.






putthis on calendar clip art

You are invited to a ‘Nursery Curriculum’ talk on Wednesday 2nd October.

The morning session talk will be from 11.00am-11.30am.You can collect your child afterwards from the unit.

The afternoon session talk will be from 12.30-1.00pm after you have dropped off your child into the Unit.

These are short talks to give you an insight to the daily routines and procedures in the unit.


Rhymes and songs for September

I have two eyes to see withboy-happy-face

I have two eyes to see with,

I have two feet to run.

I have to ears to hear with, but a nose I have but one!




Friends life-and-friends

Friends at school are big and small.

Friends at school are best of all.    





Hello, hello, how do you do?

Hello, hello, how do you do?

I say hello to you and you say hello to me.

Now here’s a funny thing and can you tell me why?

We often say hello and then we say goodbye!  


The more we get together

The more we get together, together, together,

The more we get together the happier we’ll be.

Cause your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends.

The more we get together the happier we’ll be.


Two Little Dickie Birds      1136386 f248              

Two Little Dickie birds sitting on a wall,

(use forefingers to represent the birds)

One called Peter, one called Paul;

(wriggle one finger for each bird)

Fly away Peter,fly away Paul,

(put appropriate finger behind back)

Come back Peter, come back Paul.

(fingers come back as they are named)




A pair of eyes here on my face.                          

A pair of eyebrows right in place.

A pair of ears to hear a sound.

A pair of legs to run around.

A pair of shoulders strong and wide,

A pair of legs on on each side.

A pair of ankles near my fee

A pair of hands all washed and neat.



Wash your dirty handswashhands

Wash your dirty hands, wash your dirty hands;

Rub and scrub and rub and scrub and wash your dirty hands.







I am special (tune Frère Jacques)I am special smiling ribbon rewards

I am special, I am special.

If you look, you will see.

Someone very special, someone very special,

That is me , that is ME!




The first individual parent meetings for the Morning Session will be held on Monday 4th November.

The Afternoon Session will be on Monday November 11th

A list of times will be sent to you individually at a later date.


The children are settling in well to their new environment and making new friends. We look forward to meeting up with you and sharing your children’s successes in the year ahead.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Colette O’Hare-- Nursery Teacher

Mrs Lisa Connolly-Nursery Assistant


October Rainbow News 2014

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the October Rainbow News’.  October

This newsletter will keep you informed about everything that is happening in the Nursery Unit and tell you about all the ways you can get involved in your child’s early education.

During September, the children have been settling into the Nursery routines. Settling in is a very important part of the Nursery programme. Some children take a little longer than others to fully settle and feel comfortable in their new surroundings. This is normal. With patience and perseverance, they will relax and calm down so try not to worry. We will support them in every way that we can.

We enjoyed finding out ‘ALL ABOUT ME’ in September. We painted with our hands and found out about the environment using our senses. We had fun making musical shakers and cooking popcorn.


May Rainbow News


 Dear Parents,

Welcome to the May edition of Rainbow News.

Last month,we planted lots of vegetables. The children watched their beans grow tall and found out how to care and look after plants.

We are now growing potatoes, carrots,peas, tomatoes and strawberries.







During the month of May we will explore our ‘ Mini -Beast theme.We will be finding out the names of different insects and how they move.

We are going on a mini-beast hunt and we will find ways of bringing insects into our garden.

  • Story of the month is ‘The Hungry Caterpillar.’                  


  • Shape of the month is a rectangle.          


  • Rhyme of the month is ‘Little Arabella Millar’.



At circle time this month we are focusing on the virtue of ‘Tolerance'

as part of our Emotional Intelligence programme.

Talk to your child about being gentle, kind, patient and fair to one another. Try to be sensitive and think of other people's feelings.



Inspection News

We are pleased to announce that the ETI Inspection report has been published.

The findings of the inspection are available via the internet using the following

We are delighted with the outcome of the report as ETI evaluated the Nursery as providing  a very high standard of pre-school provision.






Now that the weather is getting warmer, we would like to suggest that you may like to

put sun screen lotion on your child and perhaps provide a hat,cap or sunglasses as we

will be playing outdoors more often as the summer approaches. 

N.B please remember to label sweatshirts to avoid confusion and distress! 




 Monday 6th May –Bank Holiday

Saturday 11th May-Family Fun Day in school grounds from 12noon-3pm.

Monday 27th May –Bank holiday

Tuesday 28th May-School trip to Castlewellan Forest park.

We will send details of the trip separately.

Monday 17th June-Exceptional closure


Included in Rainbow News are some rhymes and songs linked with the mini-beast theme you may like to share with your child.

Little Arabella Millar

Little Arabella Millar found a furry caterpillar.

First it crawled upon her mother, then upon her baby brother;

Oh’ said Arabella’s mother-take away that caterpillar!                                        


Shoo Fly                                      

Shoo fly, don’t bother me, shoo fly don’t bother me;

Shoo fly, don’t bother me, I belong to somebody.

I feel, I feel, I feel like a morning star.

I feel, I feel, I feel like a morning star.                                            



Five little caterpillars    

Five little caterpillars sitting on a leaf,            

One little caterpillar fell asleep.

When it woke up it found it could fly.

Now there’s four caterpillars and one butterfly.

Four little caterpillars sitting on a leaf........‘


One hairy spider   

One hairy spider went out to play, upon her silver web one day.

She had such enormous fun that she asked for another hairy spider to come.

Two hairy spiders..............  


                   The Ants Go Marching
                               Traditional action song

The ants go marching one by one,
Hurrah, hurrah.
The ants go marching one by one,
Hurrah, hurrah.
The ants go marching one by one,
The little one stops to such his thumb,
And they all go marching down
o the ground to get out of the rain,     

Two...tie his shoe...
Three...climb a tree...
Four...shut the door...
Five...take a dive...
Six...pick up sticks...
Seven...pray to heaven...
Eight...shut the gate...
Nine...check the time...
Ten...say "THE END"


Insects  All  Around

Improvise a tune or sing to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"


Lady birds and butterflies,          
Buzzing bees up in the sky.
Teeny, tiny little ants,

Crawling up and down the plants
Many insects can be found
In the sky and on the ground.


              Here is the beehive

                                                                      Here is the beehive
But where are the bees?
                                                                      Hidden away
                                                                      Where nobody sees.
                                                                      Look and you'll see them
                                                                      Come out of the hive,
                                                                   One, Two, Three, Four, Five,

                                        Five Little Caterpillars


Five little caterpillars sitting on a leaf,

One little caterpillar fell asleep.

When it woke up it found it could fly.

Now there’s four caterpillars and one butterfly.


Four little caterpillars sitting on a leaf …    



Flies and Bees

Tune: sing a song of sixpence


Flies and bees are insects,

Buzzing all around.

Coming to our picnic,

And landing on the ground.

And when our picnic’s over,

And we are on our way.

We know the flies and busy bees

Will come another day.                



  Snail’s Bed

By Irene Yates


Snails crawl around with their homes on their backs,

And wherever they go they leave silver tracks.

I know when they’re sleeping - they pull in their heads.

But how do you think they curl up in their beds?





Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Colette O’Hare and Mrs Lisa Connolly.