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Magheradroll Nursery News

Super Soccer team

Well done to our soccer team who took part in the annual St Colman's Primary School tournament.  They did extremely well and were unlucky not to qualify for the semi-finals, being knocked out on goal difference.

October Rainbow News



October 2012






Dear Parents,

Welcome to the OctoberRainbow News’.

This newsletter will keep you informed about everything that is happening in the Nursery Unit and tell you about all the ways you can get involved in your child’s early education.

During September, the children have been settling into the Nursery routines. Settling in is a very important part of the Nursery programme. Some children take a little longer than others to fully settle and feel comfortable in their new surroundings. This is normal. With patience and perseverance they will relax and calm down so try not to worry. We will support them in every way that we can.

Here are some of the things your child will be involved in during the month of October.



Settling In

September Rainbow news

September Rainbow News

Welcome to the first edition of Rainbow News for our new parents and children in 2012/2013.                         

Here are some of the topics and themes your child will be involved in during the month of September.

The theme of the month is 'Friendship'.

 Your child will be participating in an 'Emotional Intelligence' programme with the emphasis on 'being a good friend'.

 The activities will support your child in gaining confidence and having a voice.

   The story of the month is 'Maisy goes to Nursery'.




The colour of the month is BLUE  and the children have produced some art work which is on view inside the unit.

 The rhyme of the month is 'Two Little Dickie Birds'.



The song of the month is 'Hello, hello, how do you do?'.

The Unit promotes Positive Behaviour where pupils can feel confident and self assured.

The children are learning about accecptable behaviourand they are rewarded for their efforts.

We use 'cookies in the jar' to reinforce good behaviour and have a 'treat' every friday.


We are introducing our first rule and telling the children how to be 'Good Listeners'. 

We get our eyes and ears ready and look at the person who is talking. Praise your child for being a good listener at every opportunity

and thank them for waiting their turn to speak.  

Snack money is collected every Monday. The cost is £2.50. You can pay weekly or monthly.

Remember!  Please ensure when exiting from the unit after dropping off your child that the outside door is closed behind you to keep everyone safe.

There will be a short Nursery Curriculum talk on Thursday 27th September.  

The morning session talk will be at 11.00am until 11.30am after which you can collect your child from the unit.

The afternoon session talk will be from 12.30 until 1.00pm when you have dropped your child into the unit.

The children have been learning rhymes and songs. Here are a selection you might like to share with your child.


Friends at school are big and small.

Friends at school are best of all.

The Hello song.

Hello, hello, how do  you do? I say hello to you and you say hello to me.

Now here's a funny thing and can you tell me why?

We often say' hello' and then we say 'goodbye'.

The more we get together

The more we get together, together, together,

The more we get together, the happier we'll be.

Cause your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends.

The more we get together, the happier we'll be.

Two little Dickie Birds sitting on a wall.

Two little Dickie birds sitting on a wall;

One called Peter, one called Paul.

Fly away Peter, fly away Paul.

Come back Peter, come back Paul.

Wash your dirty hands

Wash your dirty hands, wash your dirty hands;

Rub and scrub and scrub and rub and wash your dirty hands.

The Alley, Alley O.

The big ship sails through the alley, alley, o, the alley ,alley ,o the alley, alley o.

The big ship sails through the alley, alley o, on the last day of September.

1. The captain said 'This will never, never, do ,never, never, do ,never, never do etc.

2.The big ship sank to the bottom of the sea, the bottom of the sea, the bottom of the sea etc.

3.We'll all dip our heads in the deep blue sea, the deep blue sea, the deep blue sea,etc.

The Unit is closed on Monday 1st October for teacher training.

The first individual parent meetings for the Morning Session will be held on Tuesday 6th November.

The Afternoon Session meetings will be on Monday 12th  November.

You will be notified times in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Colette O'Hare-Nursery teacher

Mrs Lisa Connolly-Nursery assistant

January Rainbow news

Dear Parents,

Welcome again to Rainbow News. It is great to see all the children back after the long Christmas break. They enjoyed the Christmas theme and had great fun making crackers, cards, printing, painting, cooking, and singing. Our highlight was the Trip to Narnia. The pictures can be viewed under 'Gallery'

During January we start our Winter theme. We will be observing the changing weather, finding out about Polar Bears and Penguins and looking after birds in the colder weather.

  • Story of the month is The First snow of Winter
  • Colour of the month is white
  • Shape of the month is the square
  • Rhyme of the month is ‘The North wind doth blow.’


The new computer  has arrived in the Unit. This will enhance the ICT skills of the children enormously. Everyone is discovering wonderful games to play and some children have found their favourites already. A big thank to all our parents who made this possible. Our final fundraising total amounted to £930. A wonderful start to the New Year!


At circle time this month we are focusing on the theme of ‘Self worth’ as part of our Emotional Intelligence programme. We will be talking about what makes us special and thinking about all the things we are good at. Take time to chat to your child about why they are important and what makes them feel good about themselves.

Some important dates include:

Days when the nursery is closed are as follows:

13th-17th February -mid term break

Monday 20th February –Staff Development day.

Some important information

Open day for Primary 1 is on Thursday 12th January at 2.15pm

Library Visit to the local library—

Afternoon group is on Wednesday 25th January.  Morning group  is on Friday 27th January.

The Dental Nurse will visit on the Unit on Monday 6th February (note change of date) to talk about looking after our teeth and the benefits of eating healthy food.

Included in Rainbow News are some rhymes and songs you may like to sing with your child. 

RobinThe North wind doth blow

The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow

And what will the robin do then poor thing?

He’ll sit in a barn, to keep himself warm,

And tuck his head under his wing, poor thing.




CloudWhat is white? ( to the tune of Frere Jacques ).

What is white?

What is white?

Can you tell?

Can you tell?

Fluffy clouds and lambs

Fluffy clouds and lambs

Snowflakes as well

Snowflakes as well!


SheepBaa Baa White  Sheep (same tune as Baa baa black sheep)

Baa Baa White sheep

Have you any wool?

No sir, No sir

No bags full

None to mend the jumpers

None to mend the frocks

And none to mend the little boys with holes in their socks!


Polar BearFive Fat Polar Bears (to the tune of 10 green bottles)

Five fat polar bears sliding in the snow

Five fat polar bears sliding in the snow

And if one fat polar bear fell and hurt his nose

There’d be four fat polar bears sliding in the snow.                      Four fat polar bears etc


PenguinFive Little Penguins

Five little penguins went fishing in the sea

They slid on the ice and they went Weeeeee!

One little penguin bumped his head

His mammy then sent him straight to bed.


( Four, three ,two and one little penguin)



Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush (ring game)

1.Here we go round the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush.

Here we go round the mulberry bush on a cold and frosty morning

2.This is the way we wash our face, wash our face, wash our face.

This is the way we wash our face on a cold and frosty morning.

3.This is the way we comb our hair etc

4.This is the way we brush our teeth etc

5This is the way we put on our coats etc


Winter BarnWinter on the farm

It’s Winter on the farm, it’s cold and wet,

Let’s feed the animals, let’s feed the animals.

It’s winter on the farm, it’s cold and wet ,

Let’s feed the animals now.

And we’ll tramp, tramp, tramp, through the mud, mud, mud,

Yes we’ll tramp, tramp, tramp through the mud, mud, mud.



Thank you all for your continuing support.

Yours sincerely,


Mrs  C. O’Hare (class teacher).

Mrs L. Connolly(Nursery assistant)