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Transition form Nursery to Primary Policy

St Patrick’s Primary School

Transition Policy from Nursery/Pre-school to Primary School

We believe that strong liaison between Nursery/Preschool and pour Primary School is essential to ensure a smooth transition into the new setting and continuity and progression in the children’s learning experience.

Most children starting Primary School have experienced a year of education in a pre-school setting and so we aim to build on this experience, remove any anxieties for both children and parents and have the children settled and learning in their new environment as soon as is possible. We are committed to putting the needs of the child first whilst working with each other, parents/carers and other professionals to make transitions as smooth as possible for all concerned.

Starting Primary School

We endeavour to make the transition from nursery to primary school as stress free as possible by:

  • Providing an Open Day in December annually for parents to visit and become familiar with the setting and staff, experience the ethos that exists within and learn about what their child will experience during their time in St Patrick’s;
  • Provide a prospectus which gives information on the School;
  • Providing an Induction Meeting with parents. At this meeting we provide parents with the Child Protection Policy and Procedures, Positive Behaviour Policy and Procedures, settling in arrangements, curriculum information and how they can support their child in settling in to Nursery. Dry wipe markers and laminate letter and number sheets are provided to encourage parents to correctly develop early letter and number formation with their child;
  • In June, providing an orientation visit for P1 children to familiarise themselves with the setting, their teacher and other children;
  • Providing information gathering forms to gain information on the child’s medical conditions, Special Education Needs and/or Outside Agency involvement. We also find out about, family relationships and links, what activities the child likes and any fear or anxieties he/she may have;
  • Providing a Transition book, ‘Paddy at School’ at the Induction meeting for parents to share with their child. The transition book shows pictures and simple text on the daily routines of our Primary 1 class and we encourage parents to regularly provide social stories around the transition book so that the child knows what to expect when coming to the P1 for the first time;
  • Providing details of the settling in arrangements including starting dates and times. It is our aim to have all children settled into their full session by the end of September;
  • Meeting with the teachers of the children form the Pre-school settings to gain information and plan additional provision, if necessary;
  • Visiting the children in their pre-school setting.
  • Providing opportunities throughout the year for the P1 teacher to visit Magheradroll Nursery, ensuring familiarity with the children.
  • Providing opportunities for children attending Magheradroll Nursery Unit to visit the primary school during their nursery year eg Nativity Play, Assemblies, World Book Day activities.

Settling In

  • Our P1 staff are there on those first days to meet and greet parents and children and to share any worries, anxieties or concerns. They are also available at the end of the sessions to talk to parents and provide feedback on how the day has gone.
  • Each child has a labelled coat box with a unique symbol and name which is made familiar to both parent and child at the induction meeting. This symbol is used consistently in the early weeks to identify children’s personal belongings, drawings and paintings in order help them become more independent and build confidence. The P1 teachers will develop this from the symbol and name label to the name only label and then to the children writing their own name as the year progresses. This will be done at the pace of the child.
  • Children are permitted to bring items from home that provide comfort when needed.
  • Children are permitted to bring in photographs from home and are provided with opportunities to share the photos with the staff and other children.
  • The P1 classes have a cuddly comfort toy which the children can go to in times when they are anxious or worried.
  • Through the collection of information on the activities children like to do at home, these interests are shared in the setting to encourage children to feel comfortable in their new surroundings and encourage them to want to stay and play.

Special Educational Needs

We are aware that all children are different and some have special educational needs. It is important that parents make the P1 teachers aware of this as soon as possible so that additional provision can be made, if needed.

Whilst we aim to have all children attending fully by the end of September flexibility will be applied in situations where a child is finding it difficult to cope in the setting.