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February Newsletter

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St Patrick’s Primary School, Ballynahinch


February 2019


Catholic Schools Week – Celebrating the work of our local Catholic Schools

As in all schools throughout Ireland, Catholic Schools Week was celebrated in St Patrick’s during the week of 28th January. During the week the children took some time to think about their school, who founded it and why? They reflected on all that is good about our school and how it contributes to their lives. We are extremely proud of our school and the place that it has within our parish. We are privileged to be given the opportunity to work with the children in our care and will always endeavour to ensure that the love of God is evident in all that we do.

A big thank you to the many grandparents who came along to our Grandparents Day celebrations. It was a lovely celebration!


Nursery and P1 Applications

The on-line portal for application to Nursery and P1 is now closed. However, late applications will still be accepted. Parents making a late application will be required to complete a paper application form which can be accessed from the school reception.

Remember, you must still apply for a primary school place if your child currently attends the Nursery. Completed forms should be returned to reception along with a copy of your child’s birth certificate.

On the EA’s website there are further guidelines for parents on how to provide additional information in support of an application already submitted or how to change their preferences after the closure of the Parent Portal.

Life Saving skills

We are delighted to have recently had our P6 and P7 children trained in the use of a defibrillator. We hope that they will never be in a situation where they need to use these life-saving skills. Remember, we now have a defibrillator in our school which is available for community use.




Busy Sporting Time!

Last month was a busy time for our Boys’ Indoor Gaelic Football team, and our P6 girls’ and boys’ Olympic Handball teams. They all did exceptionally well but a special mention must go to the boys’ handball team who went through their first blitz unbeaten and top of the league.

Good luck to our Girls Indoor Gaelic Football team who compete in the indoor competition on Wednesday, 6th February.


How safe is your child on the Internet?

Safer Internet Day 2019 is being celebrated around the world on Tuesday 5th February 2019.The global theme is ‘together for a better internet’. Everyone has their part to play in making the internet a better place, including you! Have a look at the tips in this links to get you started.

PSG Valentine’s Disco

Our PSG will be holding a disco in the school hall on Thursday, 14th February from 6.30pm – 8.00pm. Admission £2 or £5 per family.

Head lice

Our policy is to encourage parents/guardians to ‘Once A Week, Take A Peek’- checking your child for signs of head lice. Please be extra vigilant as we are aware that head lice cases are on the increase at present.


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Our thoughts and prayers are with the P4 children who receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time on Wednesday, 6th February.



Go Giants!!!

Our P6 and P7 children were delighted to recently have a visit from the Belfast Giants and learn how they can lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. They are now looking forward to seeing the team in action on Friday, 8th February in the SSE Arena. We hope they have a great time. A big thank you to all of the staff who are giving up their time to accompany the children

NSPCC Stay Safe, Speak Out

The NSPCC team will be visiting our school on Thursday, 14th February to provide pupils from P1-P7 with the key messages of how to keep themselves safe. Further details to follow.

Emotional Intelligence

This month’s Emotional Intelligence focus is on the virtue of Trust. Why not take a little time to talk to your child about what they are learning about the saints and virtues?

The P5/6 class will be performing their assembly based on the theme on Friday, 1st March at 9.30am. Parents of children in the P5/6 class are very welcome to come along to join us for refreshments before the performance at 9.00am see their child perform.


Lexia Club

Does your child attend the Lexia Club? If so, do you know that the computer software can be accessed at home? Please encourage your child to log onto Lexia at home and spend some time working on the activities. It will really benefit their learning!



We are delighted with the amount of parents who have signed up to Seesaw. There has been much positive feedback with parents who finding the app a great way of seeing what their child is learning in school and celebrating their successes in learning. Parents are welcome to comment on their child’s shared learning but we would remind you that any issues or concerns be raised in the normal way, by contacting the teacher by telephone, a written note or by arranging a meeting.


It’s great to see so many children using the technology available at home for Mathletics and Readings Eggs. Every week we are amazed at the amount of time children have dedicated to using these resources. Mathletics and Readings Eggs are a fun and enjoyable way for children develop their maths and reading skills so please encourage your child to spend a little time each day on these sites. Every child has been given a unique username and password so please make the most of this wonderful learning resource!If you are having trouble getting your child logged on, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Keeping You Informed

Does the school have an up-to-date contact number for you? If not you will not receive important messages informing you of changes to clubs, school closures etc.

Important Dates:

First Confession           -           Wed., 6th February 2019 at 7pm in St Patrick’s Church

Mid-term Break           –           18th to 22nd February 2019.

First Communion           -           Sunday, 7th April 2019 at 12.30pm in St Patrick’s Church

Service of Light           –           Thurs. 2nd May 2019 in St Patrick’s Church at 7pm

Confirmation                -           Wed., 15th May 2019 at 6.00pm in St Patrick’s Church.

P7 Beesafe Programme-           5th February 2019 in Baptist Church, Ballynahinch

P6/7 Residential           -           20th - 22nd May to Greenhill YMCA, Newcastle.



1. It starts with staying safe online.

Keep your personal information safe and check with an adult before you share anything online. Personal information includes your email address, phone number and passwords.
Never agree to meet up with someone you only know online. No matter how friendly they might seem or how well you think you know them, they are still a stranger. Always tell a trusted adult if someone online asks to meet up.

2. It starts with being a good friend.

Remember that behind every screen is a real person. Being kind and positive online is just as important as being kind and positive face-to-face.

3. It starts with saying sorry.

Even when we’re trying really hard to be a good friend online, things can still go wrong. If you ever upset someone online, even if it wasn’t on purpose, then saying sorry is a really powerful and positive action to take.

4. It starts with taking a step back.

Being online is great – there are so many fun and exciting things to do! But being connected all the time can get a little stressful. If being online is making you feel worried, upset or confused, it’s always worth taking a step back and having a break from your online activities. Check out Red and Murphy talking about this in this special SID TV video.

5. It starts with asking for help.

It’s okay to feel worried or upset by something you see online – just make sure you speak to someone about it! Always tell an adult you trust if you see anything that worries you online.