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We care, we share, we learn, together

April Rainbow News 2016



   April 2016



Dear Parents,

Welcome to the April Edition of Rainbow News               

Last month, we had our ‘Growing’ theme. The children planted broad beans and French beans.

The children are measuring the shoots as they grow taller every day. They are nearly ready to plant

outdoors as the weather gets warmer.



As part of the BABY theme, the children enjoyed washing, drying, changing and dressing the baby dolls. We shared photographs of themselves when they were little babies. Adam and his dad brought in his baby sister ‘Ellie’ for a visit.

Everyone enjoyed meeting her and playing ‘peek a boo’ with her.


We made French Toast using eggs and bread.



The theme of the month is Spring.


The story of the month is ‘The Teeny Weeny Tadpole’.


The rhyme of the month is

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

What we will be learning—

Becoming confident in group situations and making valuable contributions;

Making comparisons and using mathematical language. shorter, tallest, longest, thicker, heavier, lightest.

Finding out about how plants grow and animal life cycles-frogs, ducks, geese.

At circle time this month, we are focusing on the theme of Perseverance  as part of our Emotional Intelligence Programme.

Talk to your child about never giving up even when the task seems really difficult. Keep trying and it will all work out in the end!


The ‘Wildlife Garden’ has new plants, flowers and vegetables growing. The rhubarb is shooting up, the strawberry patch has woken up, the potatoes are planted and forget-me-not’s have appeared in the wild flower patch. We will be moving out our bean plants at the end of this month.


We are having a CLASSWIDE REWARD for the children this month. They are going on a trip to Funky Monkey;s on Thursday 28th April.

The morning group leave at 9am from the front of the Primary school and return at 11.30am.

The afternoon group set off at 12.30pm and return at 3pm.

Bus Trip to Funky Monkeys is on Thursday 28th April.

Bank holiday -Monday 2nd May.

Bank Holiday –Monday 30th May.      


We are participating in Wildlife Acton Award Scheme’ for the fifth year, organised by the RSPB.

This award is all about helping the children find out about wildlife, doing practical things to help the environment and telling other people.

We are going for a ‘GOLD’ award. For more information go to


Snack money is collected every Monday .

It is used for purchasing a variety of items from batteries to bubbles. You can pay weekly or monthly.

Thank you for your contributions.




Thank you for your attendance at the ‘Parental Interviews’ last month.

Your comments and views are really helpful and deepen our understanding of your child.

Monkeynastix returns on Thursday 14th April for the morning group at 11.30am  and

Friday 15th April at 11.30am for the afternoon group in school hall.


                             Songs and Rhymes for April.


Wet weather

Splash,’ said a raindrop as it fell upon my hat;

‘Splash,’ said another as it trickled down my back.

‘You are very rude,’ I said as I looked up to the sky;

Then ANOTHER raindrop splashed right into my eye!

One two, buckle my shoe.

One two, buckle my shoe.

Three four, knock at the door.

Five six, pick up sticks.

Seven, eight, lay them straight;

Nine, ten, a big fat hen.

Eleven, twelve, dig and delve

Thirteen, fourteen, maids a court’in Fifteen, sixteen, maids in the kitchen;

Seventeen, eighteen, maids in waiting Nineteen, twenty, my plate’s empty.

Little Green Frog

Little green frog, little green frog, where’s your tail so small?

I swim in the river, I swim in the river, I have no tail at all. Chorus -----Koo wak, wak, wak, Koo wak, wak, wak,

Koo wak,wak,wak,wak.

Koo wak, wak, wak, Koo wak, wak, wak,   Koo wak,wak,wak,wak.

Little green frog, little green frog, where’s your wing so small?

I swim in the river, I swim in the river, I have no wing at all.—Chorus.

Little green frog, little green frog, where’s your house so small?

I swim in the river, I swim in the river, I have no house at all.—Chorus.

The worm song.

There’s a worm at the bottom of my garden and his name is Wiggly Woo.

There’s a worm at the bottom of my garden and all that he can do-

Is wiggle all night and wiggle all day and the people round here they all do say;

There’s a worm at the bottom of my garden and his name is Wiggly,


Wig-Wig-Wiggly Woo-oo!


Mary, Mary quite contrary

Mary,Mary quite contrary, how dies your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells, and pretty maids all in a row.


Happy April birthdays to Jamie, Adam, Tegan Amy A and Amy R.



Mrs Colette O’Hare and Mrs Lisa Connolly.