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We care, we share, we learn, together

January Rainbow News



   January 2016





Dear Parents,                     

Welcome back to a new year! It is great to see all the children back after their Christmas break. They enjoyed all the Christmas preparations and had fun making, creating, cooking and singing. The term ended with a successful Christmas Nativity and a class party. Our train trip to see Santa Claus in Downpatrick was memorable.

The images can be viewed on the on ‘gallery’.

Here are some of the things your child will be involved in during the month of


 We will transform our setting into a ‘WINTER WONDERLAND’ with icicles, snow blankets, warm gloves, hats and scarves, a snow den, Polar bears, snowmen and ice balloons.

The theme of the month is Winter and we will be observing the changes in the weather, doing our RSPB bird watch, looking after the birds during the cold spell and finding out about animals that live in Polar regions.

We will be learning about:

  • The properties of water.
  • Scientific concepts-freezing, melting, solids, liquids.
  • Caring and feeding wild birds in Winter.
  • Exploring sensory experiences.
  • Different climates and cultures and learning about polar regions.
  • Introducing new vocabulary associated with WINTER theme.

The story of the month is  




The rhyme of the month is ‘The North wind doth blow’.

At circle time we are focusing on the virtue of ‘Self Worth’ as part of our Emotional Intelligence programme. We will be finding out what makes us so special and thinking about all the things we are good at. Take time to find out what makes your child feel good about themselves and how important they are in the world.


Here are our rule reminders for the Nursery;

*We are good listeners.

*We always walk indoors.

*We use kind hands, kind words and kind feet.

*We share, tidy up and look after our toys.

The children are helping each other to follow the rules to keep everyone safe and be alert at all times and places.

    ‘Monkeynastix’s comes to Nursery!

Morning group on every THURSDAY at 11.30am.

Afternoon group on at 11.30am everyFRIDAY.


Application forms for Primary One enrolment in September 2016 should be returned to the school of your choice. Closing dates for both is Wednesday 13th January 2016






School Development day on Monday 8th February-Nursery CLOSED.

Mid-term break from Monday 15th February –Friday 19th February.

We are getting ready for the Big School’s Big Garden Bird Watch’.

Karen Shields from the RSPB will visit the Nursery on 3rd February.

She is bringing the Garden Story mat, helping with our bird watch count and giving us bird feeding ideas.

If you would like more information go to



*Don’t forget!- Friday is library book change day*            



Songs and Rhymes for January.

The north wind doth blow, and we shall have snow;

And what will the robin do then poor thing?

He’ll sit in a barn, to keep himself warm,

And tuck his head under his wing, poor thing.


Five fat Polar bears(to the tune of ten green bottles)

Five fat Polar bears sliding in the snow;

Five fat Polar bears sliding in the snow;

And if one fat Polar bear fell and hurt his nose;

There’d be four fat Polar bears sliding in the snow.  

Four fat Polar bears.........etc  



Five little penguins

Five little penguins went fishing in the sea.

They slid on the ice and they went wheeee.....!

One little penguin bumped his head,

His mummy then sent him straight to bed.

Four little penguins...etc

Baa Baa white sheep,

have you any wool?

No Sir, no Sir, no bags full. None to mend the jumpers,

none to mend the frocks.

And none to mend the little boys with holes in their socks!




One day we built a snowman, we built him out of snow.

You should have seen how fine he was, all white from top to toe.

We poured some water over him, to freeze his legs and ears;

And when we went indoors to bed, we thought he’d last for years.

But in the night a warmer kind of wind began to blow;

And Jack frost cried and ran away, and with him went the snow.

When we went out next morning to bid our friend ‘Good day’,

There wasn’t any snowman there.......He’d melted right away.

(this fits the tune of ‘My old man’s a dustman’)


January birthdays

Happy Birthday to Tristan and Noah.

Sensory room update.

The quiet room is ready for the next stage of transformation. The children love the new bean bag cushions and light cube. There will be new ceiling lighting installed this month.

Aaron and Adam use the light panel.

A word of thanks for your generous gifts and cards at Christmas and thank you for your continuing support. Best wishes to all for 2016.

From Mrs O’Hare and Mrs Connolly