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SOS and Dental Hygiene Awards

Yet again our school has been awarded the SOS Gold Award for Healthy Eating at Breaktime.  This is a fantastic achievement which recognises the efforts of pupils, staff and parents in ensuring that all children eat fruit at break-time. Well done to everyone and sincere thanks to all of our parents who actively promote this healthy lifestyle amongst their children.

Congratulations too to he P4 and P5 boys and girls who recently were awarded certificates, medals and prizes for their work in improving their personal dental hygiene.  There was much excitement amongst the two classes as Marion, our School Dental Nurse, announced the winning class.  This year the cup went to P4 who took the title from the P5 class for the first time in many years. Special congratulations go to Niall Mahon and Cailtin Tweedie who won awards for zero plaque.  Thanks also to Mrs Doherty and Miss Delaney for give such great emphasis to this very important aspect of the curriculum.

There will be many a glowing smile in Ballynahinch for years to come.

Class Arrangements for 2010

Next years classes will be arranged as follows:




Mrs C. O'Hare


Miss H. McEvoy


Mrs Hanna


Miss O Delaney


Mr E Caughey


Miss Johnson


Mrs Doherty


Miss K Grant


Mrs MT O Connor





sports day 2010

Sports day 2010 got off to a great start as the weather was clear and dry. We packed up the equipment and headed to the sports field kindly lent by St.Colmans High school. Everyone gathered on the grass and settled down to begin an exciting morning.The parents arrived and soon the sound of whistles and cameras were in full swing as the events began. There was a mixture of activities from sprint, egg and spoon, obstacle and bean bag toss. There was a mixture of drama and surprise as each event unfolded.Then after a short break, the races resumed until everyone had completed their events.Key Stage 2 treated us to a showcase of Cross country running and Poc Fada(using a hurley stick and a ball). Mr Coulter called the Mums over to compete in a Sprint race.They duly obliged and showed their athletic skills. Then it was time for a Dad's race. They all ran like the wind leaving one faller!Then we were treated to a toddler race-it was a novelty to watch! The staff then had to showcase their talents with an egg and spoon race. Well done to all the competitors who remembered the rules!! The KS 2 children got their medals at the field.The KS 1 children got theirs the following day. Well done to Niall Mc Allister who won KS1 Sports person of the year. Dylan Blaney won the KS 2 person of the year. The yellow team won the sports cup this year. A big thank you to Ms Grant who organised the event. Well done to all the pupils for participating and the parents for their support.

June Newsletter


St Patrick’s Primary School, Ballynahinch


June 2010


Safety in the Sun

As we approach the final month of the school year and look forward to enjoying some good weather parents are reminded of the importance of making sure children are safe in the sun.  Apply sun creams before children come to school and provide a hat to keep the sun of your child’s face.  Wally and Wise will be visiting the school on 23rd June to promote safety in the sun.


Labelling of Clothing

It would be much appreciated if parents could check their child’s clothing to ensure that they are clearly labelled.  During the warm summer days children take of jumpers especially and labelling is a big help in finding the rightful owners of the clothing.


Sports Day

Sports Day takes place on 10th June in St Colman’s High School from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Instead of a hot meal the school meals kitchen will be providing a packed lunch which can be ate on the sport field.


A lot of effort is put into organising the various events and parents are asked to show their support for staff by ensuring that their child stays with their class during events and does not leave to sit along with mum or dad. 


The school day will finish at 12.30 and parents are asked to collect their child from St Colman’s playing fields.


Nursery Induction

Parents of children starting in the Nursery in September 2010 are reminded that there will be an Induction Session on 2nd June 2010 at 1.15pm


P1 Parent Meeting and Induction

Parents of children starting in P1 in September are invited to a parents meeting on 15th June 2010 at 1.00pm.  Please note that this is for parents only.  The induction session for the new P1 children will take on Friday, 18th June at 1.00pm.


Class Changeover Day

Class changeover day will be held on Friday 18th  June at 1.00 p.m.  Children will have the opportunity to spend a while with the teacher and the class which they will go into in September.  Arrangements for next years classes are currently being made and parents will be informed as soon as they are finalised.


Music Exams

Good luck to three of our pupils, Caitlin Stuart, Hana Lambert-Keoghan and Katrine Kelly who take their music exams on the 1st June 2010.


First Communion

Children of St. Patrick’s Primary School will receive First Holy Communion on Saturday 5th June in St. Patrick’s Church at 10.00 a.m. There will be a photographer present on the day.  Children from P5 to P7 are invited to come along and join the choir on this very special occasion for the P4 children.


School Uniforms

Our school uniform is now being supplied by Rhoda Stewart at a price slightly cheaper than in previous years but with the same, if not better quality.  It is hoped that parents will find this a more accessible way to obtaining the uniform throughout the year.


There is still a limited stock of uniform in the school which can be purchased at a discounted rate.  Anyone interested should contact our School Secretary, Mrs McEvoy.


Reading Partnership Programme


Our very successful ‘Reading Partnership’ Programme is now completing its second year and the children involved are benefiting greatly. The classroom assistants, Miss Marner and Mrs. Higgins have been specially trained to deliver this very worthwhile support and hopefully this will continue for many years. It is very well managed by our ‘Reading Partnership’ co-ordinator, Miss Mc Evoy, and our thanks are extended to her for all the work she has done.


Other Important Dates


  • P5 will perform their assembly at 9.15am on 28th May.  Parents are very welcome to come along to see the assembly.


  • School will be closed for the Bank holiday on 31st May 2010.


  • School will be closed on 7th June for a School Development Day.


  • School closes at 11.00am on 30th June 2010.


  • The Leaver’s Mass will take place on Thursday, 24th June.  More details to follow.


  • P7 children will be involved in the ‘I’m Special, You’re Special Day being held in the school on 11th June 2010. Further details will be provided to P7 parents.


  • P7 children will be going to Ballynahinch Primary School on 15th June to take part in an Outreach Programme.



Manchester Trip Updates

Thursday 29th April

This morning at 7.30am we got woke up and had our breakfast.  We were tired from the day before.  We got on the bus and started our one and a half journey to Alton Towers.  Everyone was excited because it is a really big theme park.  We got our tickets and got into our groups. 

The first ride we saw was the Sonic Spinball ride.  It's a rollercoaster but as well as going up and down it spins around as it falls. It was very scary and made our stomachs rise up to our throats.  It took some people a long time to recover, Stuart, our bus driver,  didn't get on another rollercoaster all day.  Don't ever mention this ride again to Michael.

We got on lots more rides, Hex, The Flume, Runaway Train, Congo River Rapids., Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Mr Coulter was really brave and got on 'The Beastie'.  Its the scariest ride in the park - NOT!!!.

At the end of the day some of the group who wanted to face the ultimate challenges went off with miss Marner.  There was a massive queue at Oblivion and this give some of them time to panic.  Because it was so busy it was the only rollercoaster they got on but they weren't disappointed.  It started with a massive vertical drop down into a deep, dark pit.  Relieved to be on the ground everyone was proud that they had done it.

It was a wet and wild day.  Everyone had a great time.

Now we're heading down to a disco in the hotel just to round of the night.

By Claytan, James, Callum, Michael, Nathan and Tiernan.


Wednesday 28th April

The report of our day. 

Today we had such a good day.  We went to the zoo but first we went on a Roman soldier walk.  When we were on the walk we learned many fascinating things.  We really enjoyed ourselves but there was one place we all wanted to go, you guessed, the zoo.

After our visit to Chester we finally arrived at the zoo.W e saw many different types of animals.  There were flamingoes, miniature monkeys and the list doesn't stop there.  In fact we saw nearly every animal under the sun.  There was an excellent gift shop and all of us loved it, but wait.  Who did we get to meet, Sophie Webster out of Coronation Street.  Nearly all of us got to meet her.

We were all tired at the end of the day, wait, why are we calling it the end of the day? Cause it wasn't! After a a lovely dinner we went bowling.  It was loud, bright and colourful.  Everyone really enjoyed it.  After a quick trip back on the coach to our hotel we are now all tired and sleepy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

By Hana, Katrine, Aislinn and Caitlin.

A big hello and bye from Ella, Shauna and the rest of the gang.



Tuesday 27th April 2010

10.30am    Everything is going smoothly and the children are enjoying the trip so far. The sail across went in quite quickly as we enjoyed a warm breakfast and then went to the cinema to watch a movie. We've just docked at Stranraer and are a couple of hours away from the first stop in around Carlisle so the children can stretch their legs and get some fresh air. There's not a lot of noise on the coach as the movie Up has just begun.

10.30pm    It's been a long day with lots of travelling and so, when the coach pulled into the driveway of the hotel, there was a rise in noise as the children realised they had reached the hotel.  Earlier in the day we stopped at Gretna Green and then drove through the Lake District, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way.  The Lakeland Aquarium was the main visit of the day.  There was a guided tour which provided lots of information about the many fish and other creatures on show.  The highlight of the visit was watching the otters getting fed.

The children are delighted with the lovely rooms they have in the hotel and after a late dinner there were no complaints when they were asked to begin to settle down for the night.  Now they are all  tucked up in bed, exhausted from the journey and looking forward to tomorrow. 

There have been no problems at all and all of the children are very settled. Parents can rest easy knowing that everything is fine.