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November Newsletter 2011


St Patrick’s Primary School, Ballynahinch


November 2011



Farewell Mrs Higgins, welcome Miss Joyce and Miss Killen!

Friday, 28th October was a very emotional day as we said goodbye to Mrs Higgins and wished her a very happy retirement. She thanked everyone for their support over the years that she has been in St Patrick’s and Magheradroll Nursery.


Congratulations to Miss Joyce who recently joined the permanent teaching staff of our school.  Over the years that she has been working in the school in various capacities, she has proven to be a very enthusiastic and motivated teacher who is totally dedicated to the children in her care.  We wish her every success in her post.


A warm welcome is extended to Miss Aideen Killen, who is taking over from Mrs Higgins for the rest of the school year.  Miss Killen has much experience in teaching Foundation Stage children and is really looking forward to working with the P1 class.


Thanks for everything Mrs Higgins

There were mixed emotions today as it we realised that this was Mrs Higgins' last day in school.  On one hand we are all very sad to see her go but on the other we are full of hope that she will enjoy having time to herself after spending 27 years at our school and Nursery.

The little cards made by each class were lovely and showed how much the children think of Mrs Higgins. 

Many parents also turned out to thank her for the wonderful help and support she has been to their children. A beautiful bouquet of flowers and a framed picture of symbols that represented Mrs Higgins' time in St Patrick's was presented by the Parent Support Group on behalf of all of the parents.

The children sang songs and gave her lots of big hugs at the end of our farewell assembly.  It was very touching to see the fondness that all of our children have for her.

We thank Mrs Higgins for the wonderful contribution she has made to our school over the years and for the way that she has touched the hearts and minds of the many children in her care.  We wish her every  health and happiness as she embarks on this new chapter of her life.



Mother Attracta visits our school


Our Diocesan Adviser and good friend, Mother Attracta visited on Tuesday, 25th October 2011 and spent the day in each of the classes.  She shared stories, prayed and song with all of the children.  Staff and children alike, enjoyed her warmth and enthusiasm.  The living faith that she has is a great example to all.

Mother Attracta had nothing but positive things to say about the children and staff.  She was full of praise for the wonderful work of our teaching and non-teaching staff and thanked them sincerely for their commitment to the school and children in their care.

Mother Attracta was so impressed by the boys and girls in our school.  She found them to be 'lovely children', a credit to the school and their families.  In all of the classes they were welcoming and courteous, great listeners and always willing to take part. She thoroughly enjoyed her time with them.

So congratulations and well done to everyone!

Mother Attracta’s Visit to Our School by Amy Flanagan


Today Sister Attracta visited our school. She was talking to us about how everyone in St. Patrick’s is a little Catholic girl or boy and that we should be going to mass every week especially after primary four so we can get communion.

       In our class she read us a poem about a girl who had golden, blonde hair but she only had one foot so he said, “I am sorry Lord for the times I whine, I have two feet the world is mine.”

       The next day she went to the shop and saw a handsome young man who was blind so she said, “I am sorry Lord for the times I whine, I have two eyes that I can see through the world is mine.”

       The next day she went down the street and saw a little boy who was lost so she said, “Hello there, are you lost?”  He did not reply so the girl then knew that he was deaf and that he could not talk so she said, “I am sorry Lord for the times I whine, I can hear and I can speak so the world is mine.”

        The point of this poem is that we should be grateful for the things we can do and sometimes we take that for granted.



September Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Headteacher's Shield and Mother Teresa Cup for September 2011.

Congratulations also to Bradley Lowey, Sophie Hogg, Liam Burns, Natalia Krauze, Abigail Pleasants, Vilius Dikinas and Niall McAllister on winning Pupil of the Month Awards.

October Newsletter


St Patrick’s Primary School, Ballynahinch


October 2011



Remember, 3rd Oct. will be a normal school day and the SDD day planned will now be on 7th Nov.


Changes to arrangements for PE

In the General Information booklet sent to all parents at the start of the school year information was provided on changes to the PE policy relating to PE gear and on the wearing of earrings during PE.  These changes were made on advice from SEELB to reduce the risk of injury to children and to ensure that clothing does not restrict movement.  Whilst PE is an important part of the curriculum children will not be permitted to take part if this guidance is not followed. Please note that sports shorts are required for PE and trainers must be worn.


Changing for PE

  • P1 for first two terms – remove jumper and put on trainers
  • P1 Term 3 - change into shorts
  • P2 and 3 change into a T shirt, shorts and trainers
  • P4-7 change into a T shirt, shorts and trainers.


Children should not wear jogging bottoms for PE except outside in the winter months.


P1-3 can keep their PE gear in school but P4-7 should take it home to ensure good personal hygiene.



During PE no jewellery is permitted and any child wearing jewellery will not be permitted to take part in P.E. lessons. If a child cannot take out their stud earring themselves before PE it is advisable that they are taken out before coming to school.


Come Dine With Me

The P1 children and their families had a wonderful afternoon on 23rd September when they came together to have lunch at the ‘Come Dine With Me’ event.  Sincere thanks to everyone who came along to support the dinner and congratulations to the catering department of our school for providing such a beautiful meal.